Defining a Cause and Launching a Movement 

Photo by  SpaceX  on  Unsplash  - Kennedy Space Center, Merrit Island, Florida

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash - Kennedy Space Center, Merrit Island, Florida

Since the early noughties working on what was then called the ‘Exhibiting Show’ I got the bug for buying into a cause around a business. In this case it was championing the power of Exhibitions as a marketing medium. Despite the inevitable challenge of launching a new show, this commitment and energy massively enhanced the success of the show and the business. 

Before even Simon Sinek had presented his ‘Start with Why’? At TED, this show benefited from having a clear why. And a very effective thought leader. And it proved to be very motivating for me as well as helping into galvanise the entire UK exhibiting community.

Since then, Sinek has explained the biology surrounding why it is that having a cause bigger than oneself is so powerful so I’m not going to repeat any of that here but check out the talk if you’re interested here.

After Exhibiting Show I joined Frazer at FESPA and then we launched FM Brooks - all the while following a similar formula. If the event, and business, truly does something for the market other than merely generating revenue for the business, then this raises the power of the product considerably.

To define and cause and then launch a movement, requires entrepreneurship in that you need to put forward a solution that solves some kind of problem.

But what is Entrepreneurship?

Drucker, defines it as innovation + marketing. 

What is innovation??

Schumpeter defines innovation as Creativity x risk. 

You’ll need both as the essence of justifying your new product or service.

Ideas are important, but more so is action. The old adage, actions speak louder than words is true in this sense. You must also possess a willingness to try something new that may not have any kind of guarantee of success. This is often too uncomfortable for many people, so they choose not to act. Owners need to overcome their fear of failure and embrace the risk. You don’t need to take a dumb risk by the way. It’s OK to maybe bet on a field, but you don’t have to risk the entire farm!

Core to defining a cause that motivates you and others is a genuine base of authenticity. You will have to care, and I mean genuinely care. 

You can’t simply decide that a cause will help you get what you want. It has to be authentic, helpful and inspiring enough for people to buy into you.

And you don’t necessarily need to announce that you’re forming a movement and then ask people to complete a formal membership application. Your movement will generate support by you leading the way producing value, inspiring people, and sharing insight that helps a market in some way by connecting people that then produces value for them. You need to help people and realise your actions are for the community, and not motivated purely for self.

This requires leadership, commitment and a preparedness to be brave, and to risk it not working out, and for responsibility to fall on you.

There are tonnes of other things that can and should be done in order to build your movement. But first you have to define your cause. And we can help. So if you’re interested in finding out more then do get in touch. 

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