The Demise of the Carrot and the Stick. Today, it’s all about purpose...

The Demise of the Carrot and the Stick. Today, it’s all about purpose...

Dan Pink in his book ‘Drive’ conducted research into what motivates and improves people performance. Pink discovered that the traditional model of carrot and stick (rewarding success and punishing failure) fails to actually motivate people. It has some effectiveness if all you require is command and control, but to generate true performance and leadership it simply is not the most effective method.

A Case Study about Old Boots: And Fear and Hubris at Nokia

With summer in Northern Europe drawing to a close, I write this intro just after a rain shower passes across southern England. So I thought it apt to launch this blog which is to some extent about old rubber wellington boots. For some, the business tale of Nokia maybe well known, so if you already know it then fine, but if you do not then read on as it is a story of fear and hubris. Which, as the nights draw in, is a potent cocktail well worth avoiding….

FM Future announces Ricoh Europe’s Industrial Print Business as first major Strategic Client

Ricoh’s Inkjet Development Centre in Telford, UK

Ricoh’s Inkjet Development Centre in Telford, UK

FM Future, are delighted to announce that Ricoh Industrial Print Business has become a major new client.

Graham Kennedy, Head of Industrial Print at Ricoh Europe, explains, “We are confident that FM Future is the best possible partner to help us raise our profile and build our brand with their proven track record in the industrial print technology sector. With FM Future’s help, we look forward to new customers discovering that Ricoh is the go-to company for OEM manufacturers who need to integrate Inkjet into production lines from inkjet head, module, engine, software, ink and machine through to integration. With Ricoh’s scale, innovative technology, and our experience and commitment, we are confident that the market will recognise that Ricoh is leading the future of Inkjet.”

As continual developments in industrial Inkjet increase potential for a strategic role in new production sectors, the challenge is to connect with leaders in traditional analogue sectors who want to develop digital Inkjet printing solutions and are looking for partners such as Ricoh go help them develop and integrate. Their strong and stable track record in developing success in digital printing technology allied to the fact they can provide all the elements of the equation with regards to industrial Inkjet development and integration is a key theme that will be communicated as part of Ricoh’s thought leadership campaign from September 2019 up to Drupa 2020. This is where FM Future's experience of brand and community building, storytelling, thought leadership and marketing in the print tech sector comes into play.

Marcus Timson continues, “Working with the Ricoh Industrial Print team, we will leverage the experience and expertise of the Ricoh Industrial Print Brand and bring their compelling story to life. We are excited to be working with such a strong partner and one with such a dynamic array of projects underlined with an ambition to lead the future of Inkjet. In Telford, UK, Ricoh has one of the largest development centres anywhere in the world and their commercial and technical competence is world-class – we look forward to developing and sharing some quality insight from their Inkjet campus as part of a comprehensive thought leadership campaign.”

FM Future has gained a client that has a considerable scale, experience and ambition for the development of industrial Inkjet technology. This provides FM Future with a tremendous opportunity to help one of the major technology leaders in this field develop their business by growing their profile by sharing insight, growing awareness and connecting new markets.

Frazer Chesterman concludes: “We are now at a key moment for industrial inkjet. Many would say that we stand poised at the edge of the chasm. All of our recent research points to the fact that the biggest barrier to success is the conservative nature of traditional industries. Working with Ricoh is an exciting prospect for us as they have the technical capability, the know-how, and the breadth of experience that is second to none in the market. This work will also help inkjet create new opportunities and we think that FM Future is perfectly positioned to make a significant difference to their business.”

More about FM Future

In March 2019 Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson launched FM Future, a business development and marketing consultancy designed to help inkjet and digital printing technologies enter new markets. This follows the buy-out earlier this year by RELX of Mack Brooks Exhibitions, which included FM Brooks, the JV that launched the InPrint, Pure Digital & EcoPrint Shows. Before the launch of FM Brooks, Frazer and Marcus led FESPA's exhibition business through an impressive growth phase during 2003-2011.

All Change for 2019!

Image from  online source here . Thank you Mckinsey.

Image from online source here. Thank you Mckinsey.

We hope you are enjoying a great summer and 2019 is proving a successful year so far!

This article outlines developments for our new business, FM Future throughout this year.
Change is an inevitable fact of life. And this has proven to be the case for us. As 2019 began, we were confronted with the reality that we were no longer co-owners of the InPrint Show. I am sure you already know that Mack Brooks business was sold to RELX earlier this year and so too was InPrint.
Unfortunately, we were forced into making a difficult decision over Christmas as to what we wanted to do. Stay or go? So on January 4th, we opted to move on whilst FM Brooks and the InPrint Show went with the sale.
This was sudden and it took a bit of soul searching to define and decide what to do next. But where there is change, there is always an opportunity!
During January we spent a bit of time thinking. After 20 or so years of running exhibitions and events, this was the first time we were not defined by a date, a concept, a venue or a location. So what should we do? And Why?
By March, we had both decided that getting a normal job didn’t appeal to us at our stages of life. So we decided to launch FM Future Ltd, a new strategic consultancy designed to help print tech and event companies develop their business through improved marketing, storytelling, event and thought leadership. We want to help companies and people access new markets using our skills of brand-building, marketing, business development and event management.  And as we write this, we are already working with some exciting companies and will continue to help the organising team with the InPrint Show in a consultative capacity.
We have also developed 'A Workshop for Launching New Products' and have worked with teams already to help define ideas and bring them to life. If you would be interested in finding out more then do let us know.
Then in June, we launched our FuturePrint platform featuring insight into the future of print technology. We are interested in the people behind that technology. And interesting people prepared to share opinion, as opposed to bland corporate PR. Therefore, it is not a news-based platform as we want content that has value!! We will invest time in creating content that is helpful and inspiring. The format is simple, we will usually spend at least an hour with the interviewee discussing the sector, their story, the challenges, and more information about their products and so on and then collaboratively write the final article with the final approval of the interviewee. Already we have over 1,000 readers and great feedback, so we will continue to develop this. If you are interested in being part of this or becoming a partner then do let us know!
Then we have launched a new survey project on trends and challenges for inkjet. We want to continue to provide insight and value back to this awesome community! In fact, please do enter the Future of Inkjet 2019 Survey here! Your input is valued and we will send you an advanced copy of the report. 

Finally, we would like to update you with news about FM Future from time to time, so please do subscribe for our updates here.

All that leaves us to say is we wish you a great summer and a superb rest of 2019 and look forward to seeing you in the coming months and over the autumn event season.

Marcus and Frazer
PS: If you are interested in talking with us to discover how we can help with your marketing or business development then do not hesitate to contact us at

A Workshop for Launching New Products

A Strategic, Interactive Workshop to Define Products and Ignite Action

A Strategic, Interactive Workshop to Define Products and Ignite Action

Progress in any business requires action. But in order for your actions and energy to be optimised we are believers in collaboration and co-creation. Since establishing FM Future earlier this year we have had the pleasure of working with some key brands to help define their objectives, ignite new ideas and develop strategy for the future.

In light of this, we have designed a special workshop that helps teams to launch new products. This one day workshop is designed around your business, includes your key team and aligns with your core targets.

We have had some superb feedback from our delegates including the following from a recent delegate: “The session was simply inspiring and helped us to define our strategy and our key contribution to our customers.”

If you are interested in talking to us about how we can help you to launch new products more effectively, then do not hesitate to contact us via:

Elon Musk and the Importance of First Principle Thinking

According to a number of very successful people, in order to innovate the best possible products, we should be Making ‘First Principle’ Decisions.

This is because often people are all guilty of not thinking clearly. The commercial pressures and the emotional energy required for innovation can be stressful and challenging and it is easy for all of this to cloud our thinking. But there is a method of thinking that is helpful in boiling things down to simple principles, in fact just one principle.