How to get to Business Paradise?

Dr. Max Mckeown has written a number of books based on change, development and leadership including Unshrink, Adaptation, The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book and most recently, Now. A while ago now I had a fascinating chat with him about his view of leadership, change, and innovation and the content is timeless and applicable.

Clearly, innovation represents change. And as is accepted right now that as industrial inkjet enters new market it is as much a commercial as it is a technical challenge. So here is how he defines and helps businesses reach paradise.

Finding your why could mean the difference between winning and coming second, or third.

Every successful, standout group, team, tribe, brand and business has a clear why.

And if you don’t, then it will likely hold you back in some way. For example, it leaves the door open to ambiguity. It can lead to people in the wider organisation being left to their own devices for form their own kind of judgement on what it is that you represent. Not to mention your customers!

Long Live Print: The Good Life

This article is an Interview with Tim Harrison, editor of my local paper The Good Life. This is a fantastic ‘good news’ story for print. Completely ‘bucking’ the trend for all things going digital, Tim Harrison launched a local tabloid newspaper in 2012 for a small community of residents in this leafy corner of SW London.  I was pleased to catch up with him in a local coffee shop to hear more about the success story.

For Ricoh, Agility is the Key to Future Inkjet Growth

In recent years Ricoh has burst onto the Industrial scene launching high-quality Inkjet print machinery displaying technical expertise, quality products and impressive speed to market. As a result, it has rapidly become a rising star in wide format, décor and DTG sectors. Ahead of FESPA, we caught up with Graham Kennedy, Head of Commercial Inkjet Business, Ricoh Europe and asked him some questions about Ricoh, their products and their vision for Inkjet’s Future in wide format and beyond.

Defining a Cause and Launching a Movement 

Since the early noughties working on what was then called the ‘Exhibiting Show’ I got the bug for embracing a cause around a business. In this case it was championing the power of Exhibitions as a marketing medium. Despite the inevitable challenge of launching a new show, this commitment and energy massively enhanced the success of the show and the business.