We work with people and businesses that have ambition, an openness to move out of their comfort zone, and a desire to succeed and grow by utilising the power of communication to connect and inspire.

Why do we do it? Because we like to see people and companies grow through our help and collaboration.


Product Launches

The right exhibition provides a platform for permission marketing on a grand scale. But so often exhibitors don’t effectively exploit the opportunity. Drawing upon our experience of success we can help you deliver an outstanding product launch from design to delivery using the powerful platform of an exhibition for inspiring storytelling and measurable ROI.


Market Insight and Research

Bringing to life new shows for new markets is no mean feat. We have learned through hard-earned success a methodology that works and one that is not only based on entrepreneurial gut instinct. We are believers in insight and an understanding of market trends and how any business can adapt to the opportunity that is presented. We can deliver research that provides answers and clarity for effective direction and growth.


Conference Curation & Production

A key part of any exhibition or event is content. Getting this right can add a huge amount of power to any events of organiser visitor promotion campaign. As experienced hosts, we can provide a service that brings this content to life whilst curating an inspiring programme that adds value for the event, the delegate, and build the reputation and credibility of the client.

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Thought Leadership and Storytelling

Technical markets struggle with storytelling. Understandably, they are too busy being technical and developing new innovations! But effective storytelling from presentation, to the website, to the brochure, to the sales pitch, to an investor is vital in order to optimise success and we can help you to get your story straight so you can inspire your market and focus on what you do best. Innovate!


Presenting and Business Development Training

We are accomplished presenters and can add value as a keynote or icebreaker workshop or run an entire training programme. With a focus on innovation, leadership, storytelling, and growth our sessions regularly inspire delegates and provoke thoughts, ideas, and action. Our success has been built upon successful sales and business development. Selling new ideas and products is challenging and inspiring. We draw upon our experience of launching and growing show businesses and deliver lively, engaging and powerful sales training workshops.


Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Attracting the right people to your organisation is a key strategic issue. The right people stay and grow with the business, the wrong people waste time and resources. We will take the time to understand your particular DNA and then go into the market to attract the right talent saving time and resources and ultimately optimising performance and profit.


Launch Event Partner

Launching an event is the most challenging of all. Drawing on the experience of launching in various markets we can assist, mentor and partner with event organisers to successfully launch and grow exhibitions into new markets whether it is a virgin launch or a geo-clone.


Customer Event Management

You may have your own event and want to build it, or do you desire to launch your own customer event but don’t have the internal capacity? Either way, we can help to make this happen by drawing on our network of event specialists to deliver an event that inspires your customers, impresses key stakeholders and helps your business to grow.